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Glastonbury Calling

Glastonbury Calling Tickets are on sale only here from the 1st December until 31st January they will be on sale from various places for £12 and then increase to £15 up until the event.We sold out last year so please take up this great offer this month as it will not be repeated.
Plus £1 booking fee per ticket, access all venues.
One postage charge for all tickets bought in one transaction.
Tickets exchanged for wristbands on the day of the event.

One in one out policy if venue is full
Thanks for your support again and all profits will go to Glastonbury FM.

50 acts
Banco De Gaia [dj set]
Moody Will and the Roll
Port Erin
Lonely Tourist
Jack By The Hedge
In Brackets
Liquid State
Foreign Correspondence
View From the Beach
PG Haze
Dave Beech
Toby Marks [Banco De Gaia] and Andrew Heath Ambient set with visuals from Patrick Dunn
​​​​​​​Hoodoo Dub
Special Guest
​​​​​​​Tom Clements
Invisble Gem.
Connor C 
Harry & The Gondolas
We Merry Kings
Marsh Fires
Lewis Poole
Kate Gough
​​​​​​​Village Hall Feedback
Restless Youth
​​​​​​​Siblings Of Us
​​​​​​​Charlie Miller and the Soul Agents
Jazz Divas
Oska Zaky
Seán McGowan
​​​​​​​Dr Meaker [DJ Set]
​​​​​​​Craig & Alex Priddice
​​​​​​​Irie Fire
​​​​​​​Van Buxton 
Brave Ones
Steve Henderson
Papa John
Rick James
Cosmic Ninja
Nichølsøn Heal
​​​​​​​Turner UK
Minor Works Unit
​​​​​​​Mark Kelly

Bocabar/Red Brick Building
Assembly Rooms
King Arthur
Hawthorns Hotel
Glastonbury Football Club
Riflemans Arms