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John D Revelator

John D Revelator

John D Revelator are John Diment, Ann Diment, Geraint Coll & Ian Morris & Paul Atkinson. All are intelligent enough know better. John writes the songs, The others advise as to wether they are any good or not.

The Revelators have been tearing up the West Country festival scene for 3 years and have established a reputation for good times, catchy tunes and a healthy disrespect for authority! Appearances at Watchet, Glastonbury, Tolpuddle & Boomtown Fair, amongst many, many others are testament to their widespread appeal.

JDR are best known as a 5 piece though John and one or two others have been known to make solo, duo, trio appearances. 

This is gallows humour at it’s most good time, the Groans of the Britons on the upbeat. We may be ruled by an uncaring elite but there’s always time for one more lost weekend in a field before the Revolution kicks off. Here’s to a summer full of fun & insurrection - see you down the front!

We have the new John D Revelator album on sale for you which is a barnstormer of one. with latest single Head held high already catching peoples ears it is an album packed full of singles.

There are plenty of new songs you will know from seeing them live and they blast through the album with great songs such as 6'Oclock Gin which is one of my favourites and is a punked up ball of energy. Home is Johns heart at times with Kennard Middle Rhyne and Ghosts of Windmill Hill giving you a feel of his upbringing in rural Somerset. 
Winky on the Wing is John in his Gas Head mode (Bristol Rovers Ref) but these songs are from the heart and reminiscent of good times in the past which follows into the bands political side with Union Girl, Not in My Name and My Part of Town. 
You will enjoy this album if you are a little on the left side of politics but also for the humor and observation in the songs.